diane montana jansson fine art floral portraits

ethereal organics describe the on going dichotomy of thought and matter...the process of creation. in my work i, more often than not, draw and paint the negative spaces and shapes as opposed to the positive. by this action the positive shape takes form almost as an after thought...almost creating itself out of an independent energy.

i love accepting commission works for the dynamics involved. i find turning an outsider's vision, (academic by nature), into an evolved organic form fueled by my life experience a magical experience.

i have always drawn and painted.

the colors, composition, and tenacity of nature are the driving forces of my work and the passion of my daily life. from the moment i learned to walk i followed my mother's footsteps in her garden watching her encourage nature to take hold, gain strength and bloom.

i believe that we as people carry the same natural qualities within ourselves that are inherent in the plant world. in spite of our fragilities we own amazing qualities that combat adversity and enable us to bloom and create again and again. in my mind laziness is a sin against nature, complacency a kind of living death...